Welcome to Underground Yoga

We are a home based yoga studio that is looking to connect with like minded seekers in the pursuit of balance and health. We are located in Northfield Ohio.

My name is Ella Arieta.  I am the founder  and instructor at Underground Yoga. I came to practice Yoga like so many before me to find relief from the discomfort of illness and to quiet  the day to day inner noise.  I also wanted to   improve my ability to cope with the  outer stresses   that are  a common experience in our modern world.

Yoga means union. The resolution of the seemingly opposing contradictions in our minds by stilling the body through poses and the regulation of our breath is its result.

I am a mother and wife and I also suffer from  Epilepsy.

I have experienced the transformative power of this ancient science and became a teacher to share my discoveries with others.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”― Ram Dass