A Journey Within

Journey with Underground Yoga as we take Underground above ground before the summer officially ends with a silent meditation hike and a yin yoga practice.

The hike will be approximately 45 mins. Within our group and throughout the hike there will be no talking as we walk in silence. To take an hour a Day of Silence would mean tapping into the root of your soul, your inner existence and staying present.
Which means the only thing to think or dwell upon are your own thoughts at that very moment. The mind will be cluttered with all sorts of STUFF. Maybe significant and maybe not so significant but the important part of this practice is for you to control the STUFF you think about.

Meditation is the art of stillness and silence. We can imagine that the mind is our home and to bring balance into our home we need to clear the clutter and sweep the cobwebs to create a more inviting space to live in.
We will observe the elements around us and make room for others to pass us by. Our senses become more heightened and we are more aware of our surroundings.
The sound of our breath will be the only sound we make.

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