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My name is Ella Arieta and my yoga studio is based out of my home!

I am the founder and instructor at Underground Yoga. I came to practice Yoga like so many before me to find relief from the discomfort of illness and to quiet the day to day inner noise.  I also wanted to improve my ability to cope with the outer stresses that are a common experience in our modern world.

I suffer from Epilepsy and consider myself a survivor with the hope that others reap the benefits of yoga I decided to act on the matter and not just hope and talk about it.

To me this space is really sacred because I spend every day and every minute of my time here. I haven’t always been an optimist about embracing a holistic lifestyle in my home but when I discovered yoga I was blown away on many levels.

Yoga means union. The resolution of the seemingly opposing contradictions in our minds by stilling the body through poses and the regulation of our breath is its result.

I have experienced the transformative power of this ancient science and became a teacher to share my discoveries with others.

I have been astonished by this 5,000 year old science that is called yoga which means to yoke or reunite.  To yoke or reunite what?  The body and breath.

Everyday I am confronted with people who choose to ignore the life they can have by  incorporating a little more physical and mental activivity by taking the time to take care of your body.

Meditation is one of the top practices because the brain is always working overtime and if we don’t understand how to underwork the brain, over time it will decrease the ability to think.

This practice takes place on a deeper level than most people think so take a look on the schedule and their description and if that particular practice resonates with you.

I teach a variety of classes which are booked through me privately. If you are interested in group sessions, private sessions or collaborations I’m your gal.



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